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19th Century Set of Four Green Glass Bottles Demijohns, Lady Jeanne or Carboys

Date: 19th Century
Shipping: $500

Very decorative set of 4 antique green hand blown and glass bottles also known as Demijohn, Lady Jeanne, Dame Jeanne or Carboy.

The three smaller ones of them have a capacity of 25 Litres, one is even marked on the ring with '25' this is approximately 6.5 US Gallons or 5.5 UK Gallons,
The large bottle probably holds 40L (no sign) this is approximately 10.6 US Gallons or 8.8 UK Gallons.

Sizes from big to small:
The large 40L bottle 62 cm high, 45 cm in diameter, 24.4" x 17.7"
1st 25L bottle 52 cm high, 35 cm in diameter, 20.5" x 13.8"
2nd 25L bottle 49 cm high, 34 cm in diameter, 19.3" x 13.4"
3rd 25L bottle 48 cm high, 35 cm in diameter, 18.9" x 13.8"

These old glass bottles are characterised by bubbles and slight imperfections, they show hand manufacturing and generations of using.

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