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CRare Early 20th Century Jewish Jewelry or Bijoux Box
Date: early 20th Century
Dimensions: H 34cm W 39cm D 39cm
Shipping: $60

I never before seen such a beautiful and special jewelry box.

Its size and unusual form makes this wooden box very rare. The base is made of Mahogany, decorated with burr root wood veneer and ebony intarsia. The inside is also very special; a made to measure insert of little drawers and compartments to lay your jewelry in or on. The entire inside is lined with blue beautifully worn and faded velvet. Even the key is still present.

This would be a lovely eye catcher on your dressing table, an addition to any box collection and the perfect gift.

Note: One of the compartments misses a little grip, the hinge and lock are clearly used a lot and not as sturdy as they used to be, some little visible cracks in the veneer .

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