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Huge 19th Century Fine Carved French Oak Mirror with Boar's Head
Date: 19th Century
Dimensions: H 240 cm W 136 cm D 33 cm
Shipping: Please contact me

Beautiful extra extra large mirror.

This massive hunting themed mantelpiece mirror has all kinds of perfectly styled nut, leaf and fruit like carvings. These carvings are mounted on meticulously carved wooden 'ropes' and the ropes are 'hanging' on wooden 'screws'.
The carving of the boar's head is very detailed. You can see every little hair. It almost looks soft like a hunting trophy instead of being made of wood. 
The glass of the mirror has aged beautiful resulting in a great looking antique patina. All minor losses and patina add to the romantic rough and though feeling of this HUGE mirror

At the moment this mirror is undergoing some minor restorations before it will shine at an exhibition for a few months, after this it will be available for shipping from June 2016.

For all inquiries and shipping quotes send me an email on: zuskorsten@gmail.com