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what she couldn't
resist buying


Alessandro Albrizzi Faceted Lucite Ice Bucket or Candy Jar with Swivel Top
Late 1960 - Early 1970
Dimensions: H 19 cm W 24 cm D 24 cm

This was a real gem to find. A vintage diamond shaped Lucite ice bucket with a swivel top. It's a beauty. Feels a bit Gucci Chic. Must have been from upper-class people without kids. Because the condition of this lovely piece is so good. No scratches. And very very clear. I know that's quit rare for vintage Lucite objects. High quality stuff this is. I got it from an auction house in Amsterdam were I finally ended up after spending hours looking for a damn parking spot. I came in just in time to snatch it away from a Dutch celebrity bidding on it. She gave me the evil eye but I got this beautiful decoration piece.

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