She only sells
what she couldn't
resist buying


Hand Carved Wooden Chestnut Jewelry Box
Charming Chestnutt Jewelry Box with chestnutt leaves. Carved wood presumably from Switzerland.
Jewelry box has a velvet upholstery.
Dimensions: H 31 cm W 28 cm D 12 cm  Inside box: H 6 cm Dm 8 cm

This is chestnut. Fake of course because it’s probably oak. But still a beautiful chestnut. And It can be opened. It’s a very nice little box when you do so. Nice little stuff like this is my reward when I'm out on a hunt for you my dear and appreciated clients. When I wonder around between ugliness all over the place and then suddenly run into something sweet like this I’m all happy inside. But I can't show it. Never. Because I have to compete with all other people around from whom many know me a bit and are always watching what Zus Korsten is up to.

For all inquiries and shipping quotes send me an email on: zuskorsten@gmail.com