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what she couldn't
resist buying


Chrysler Building Ornament Panel
Art-Deco and Aluminum
Dimensions: H 100 cm W 80 cm D 1 cm

I bought this Art Deco ornament panel at an auction. It was listed as a panel of the Chrysler Building. So I hope they replaced it!  This ‘ironwork’ will be beautiful decoration on your wall. It has charm, history and some wear since most of the paint came off. Fortunately it reveals the beautifully aged aluminum. Even though, it’s still nice and heavy. After owning it for a while I discovered a little piece is missing. Try to spot it in the pattern! Don’t know how this could have happened since it is not fragile at all. This means, I would be happy to ship this back to New York if you like it over there.

For all inquiries and shipping quotes send me an email on: zuskorsten@gmail.com