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'Cobra' Desk Lamp by Elio Martinelli with Swiveling Top
Sleek Italian design from the sixties. Very sturdy swiveling shade. Old fashioned quality.
Dimensions: H 39 cm Dm 41 cm

Normally I'm not that big a fan of lights and lamps from the 60’s. Too much plastic for me. Too rickety and not special enough. Still I bought this Cobra desk lamp by Elio Martinelli. And it's no mistake or moment of weakness. Elio designed this piece for Martinelli Luce and it’s not only great looking but also solid as a rock. It's reassuringly heavy and the swiveling shade feels firm and secure. No plastic associations at all. The light it creates is beautiful too. Have a look at the pictures. And be confident that this piece is timeless by looks and quality.

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