She only sells
what she couldn't
resist buying


Crocodile Taxidermy Head
Circa 1950
Dimensions: H 15 cm W 44 cm D 55.5 cm

This is ubercool. It is an old crocodile skull with a large piece of leather from head and neck still attached. It has been colored or oiled in a very dark chic hue and it looks great on the wall or in a cabinet. Me, I got this mean bastard from a very friendly dally old guy. He told me he bought it many years ago in Spain. Didn't have the money with him then so when he was back in Holland he had to go to the bank to change Dutch Guilders into Peseta's. He put the Peseta's in an envelope and mailed it to Spain. Five weeks later it arrived. He wasn't afraid the cash would be stolen or that the piece would not have been sent. Crocs are from a different era is what I mean to say.

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