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what she couldn't
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Dental Anatomy Model
Date unknown
Dimensions: H 12.5 cm W 13.5 cm D 12.5 cm

My father was a veterinarian. As a little girl I often was allowed to help with the surgery. One day he treated a police dog with broken teeth. Something he knew nothing about so he called the local dentist. Our dentist was almost retired and when he visited my fathers operating room he was a little surprised to find a small six year old female assistant opening the huge jaws of a sleeping German Shepherd. It took him three hours to repair the damage and as a 'piece de resistance' he gave the dog a new incisor. Made out of gold! Nothing but the best for the local police force he said. According to our dentist I was of great help during the operation and when he asked me what I wanted to become when I grew up I replied: A tooth fairy! Just like you. As a present he gave me some dental study material that he didn't need anymore because of his retirement and his own son didn't really care about it. I still have them today and collected more over the years. Some of these materials I am willing to let go. Some are not for sale as you can imagine.

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