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what she couldn't
resist buying



Signed Dolls’ Head painting by Rosie Lee (1935)
Date: Unkown
Dimensions: H 20 cm W 20 cm D 16 cm

Who wants a semi classical painting of a dolls’ head? I guess it’s me! Couldn’t resist the weird but joyful little head painted in oil on a wooden panel. Even the unusual framing adds to the fun. It gets even funnier. Because it came with a little stand you can put in a hole on the back to make it stand. Rosie Lee made it for me or you to look great as a little decoration detail in any interior. I’m having a bet with a male friend who didn’t understand why I love this so much, that it will not sell within 2 weeks. So please allow me to collect this nice ‘Langhe Bianco’. 

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