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23 Piece Sterling Silver Dutch Charm Bracelet
Date: 20th century
Dimensions: Length: 20-25 cm
Shipping: Complimentary

Dutch Jasseron Charm bracelet with 23 large charms. Most of them are three-dimensional. Some have moving parts.

1. Donkey.
2. Sailors hart.
3. Spinning wheel.
4. Teapot (with a little dent).
5. Cannon with rattling cannonballs inside.
6. Carriage.
7. Whisky bottle.
8. Turtle. 
9. 'see no evil' monkeys.
10. Dutch windmill with moving blades.
11. Pinching pincer tong.
12. Basket.
13. Vintage Italian wine bottle.
14. Mandoline.
15. Football.
16. Cat with high back.
17. Rooster.
18. Standing clock.
19. Seal.
20. Buddha.
21. German beer mug with opening lid.
22. Coffee grinder with moving handle.
23. Shell that opens.

Length of bracelet is 20 cm (7.8 inch) up to 25 cm (9.8 inch) with extension and safety chain. Fits perfectly on any wrist.

Makes for a great Christmas gift.

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