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23 Piece Sterling Silver Dutch Charm Bracelet
Date: 1960s
Dimensions: H 4 cm W 18,5 cm D 1,5 cm
Shipping: Complimentary

Dutch  1960-1970s sterling charm bracelet with 23 large mostly silver plated charms and a safety chain. Most of them are three-dimensional. Some have moving parts.

1. Sewing machine.
2. Sewing tracing wheel.
3. Watering can.
4. Fish.
5. Star fish.
6. Spanish dancer with moving skirt layers.
7. Antique riding boot with spurs.
8. Vintage car.
9. Tea kettle.
10. Lighthouse.
11. Vintage 'knitted' purse on a little chain.
12. Football.
13. Pair of dutch clogs.
14. Cancan dancer lifting her skirt at the back.
15. Rapunzel tower.
16. Nefertiti.
17. Moving globe on a pedestal.
18. Fish with moving scale layers.
19. Capricorn.
20. Boeing 707.
21. Arabic ewer.
22. Log cabin.
23. Pinching pincer tong.

Comes with a black velvet underlayment to display it on.
Length of this lovely bracelet is 18,5cm (7.3 inch) including the lock.

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