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Early 20th Century Set of Eight Dutch Tea Tins

Date: 20th Century
PRICE: $ 1500
Dimensions: H 34cm Diameter 22cm
Shipping: $250

Highly collectable and very decorative this set of 8 antique Dutch tea tins or caddies.
These were used to keep tea in at the grocer's. Thee means tea in Dutch.

Big red tin with number 9 and THEE on it, 34cm high, diameter 22cm (13.4" high, ø 8.7")
Middle size red tin with 2 painted gold rings and a sticker: THEE, 28cm high, diameter 19cm (11" high, ø 7.5")
Middle size dark red tin, 28cm high, diameter 18cm (11" high, ø 7.1")
Smaller size dark red tin, 25cm high, diameter 17cm (9.8" high, ø 6.7")
Big green tin with 2 painted gold rings, 34cm high, diameter 21cm (13.4" high, ø 8.3")
Small green tin, 24cm high, diameter 15.5cm (9.5" high, ø6.1")
Big copper colored tin with number 4 on it, 33cm high, diameter 23cm (13" high, ø 9.1")
Smallest beige tin, 22.5cm high, diameter 16cm (8.9" high, ø 6.3")

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