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26 Piece Sterling Silver English Charm Bracelet
Date: 1950
Dimensions: Length: 18 cm
Shipping: Complimentary

This bracelet has 26 charms most of which are three-dimensional. Some of them even have moving parts. Two of them are by Nuvo.

1. Revolver.
2. Indian in Kayak.
3. Carriage with revolving wheels.
4. Dromedary.
5. The Bargate Southampton.
6. Lion.
7. Hourglass with real sand.
8. Saber scabbard.
9. Fruit cart with revolving wheels.
10. Twilight lamp with pink bulb on moving foot with a girl and dog.
11. Little St. Christoffel.
12. Little Piggy.
13. Nuvo Helmet with a little vintage Scooter inside.
14. Second St. Christoffel.
15. Witch on a Broom.
16. Duck.
17. Sagittarius Sign.
18. Oldtimer car with revolving wheels.
19. Polo Stick.
20. Nuvo charm, Cat and Bin with opening lid that reveals a fish.
21. Greyhound.
22. Vintage Telephone.
23. Little Church.
24. Yale Key.
25. Little Elephant.
26. Edinburgh Castle.

Length of the bracelet is 18 cm (7 inch) without the hart shaped padlock and safety chain, this fits perfectly on a small wrist.

Weight 80 grams.

Makes for a great Christmas gift.

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