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Five Little 19th Century Victorian Frames with Entomological Beetle Prints
Date: 19th Century
Dimensions: H 15,5 cm W 13,5 cm D 2,5 cm
Shipping: Complimentary

Isn't this a lovely collection!

Five different beetle prints in different sized frames: 
Two of them are oval (15.5cm:13.5cm:2cm) and have convex bubble glass.
One is oval but smaller (14.5cm:11.5cm:1.5cm) and has flat glass.
The fourth is the smallest, also oval (10.5cm:9.5cm:1.5cm) and has convex bubble glass.
The last one is rectangular (15.5cm:13.5cm:2.5cm) and has flat glass.

All frames are made of wood with black finish, fitted with a pressed rim on the inside oval edges.

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