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19th Century Industrial Wooden Foundry Molds or Moulds
Date: mid 20th Century
Dimensions: H 10 cm W 20 cm D 10 cm

Set of 19 small wooden parts in different shapes, carved out to create negative space to be used for the casting of metal. The forms that these pieces make in the molding material will be the inverse of the final cast piece.
The negative space of the wooden mold is pushed into the molding material, which is typically a large container of sand. Once the molds are removed, liquid metal is poured into the impression left by the pattern in the sand. The molding material can then be reused each time to create new metal castings.

Some of these parts fit perfect when you join them. Wood molds were designed by pattern makers and used to cast tools or machine parts. The molds are painted or have a super smooth surface finish, this was to protect the wood and so that the mold could be easily removed from the molding material.

In the18th and 19th century the industrial movement was in full force. Mechanization to create products easily and quickly was necessary to keep up with the demand of products.

These antique foundry molds from the Machine Age are a reminder of our industrial past, in very good condition seen their age and usage. They now have historical properties and are highly decorative.


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