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what she couldn't
resist buying


Giraffe 3/4 Neck Mount
This is the ideal size for a giraffe. Don't need a castle for this one.
It is high quality. No damage or wear.
Dimensions: H 200 cm W 75 cm D 90 cm

This is a very expensive bargain according to the auctioneer. He told me that the client who brought it in had hunted it somewhere in Africa. He had to pay a trophy fee of $15,000.-. Hunting fee of $2,000.-. And then had the animal mounted and shipped to Holland for something like $5,000.-. When it finally arrived at his house he placed it in the hallway so everybody could see the wonderful thing. Unfortunately it worked out a little different. His wife came home at the end of the day. Almost fainted and yelled her husband down from the bathroom. She smacked his face and screamed that the ‘thing’ had to leave the premises or otherwise he could go too. All hunting adrenaline was out of his body by that time so he silently obliged the misses’ wishes. He won the fight but lost the battle and some money too.

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