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20th Century Great Northern Railway Passenger Coach No. 304
Date: 20th Century
Dimensions: H 24 cm W 87 cm D 16 cm
Shipping: $ 250

This large scale model train compartment is made of painted wood, even the roof is made of wood. Except for the small very lifelike metal parts like leaf-springs, wheels and bumpers, which actually work (it rolls and bumps) and the early plastic windows.

This exact replica of 3rd class a G.N.R. train compartment was of course used to play with or show off, probably outside because of it's scale, on a (European) 3 gauge (89mm or 3,5 inch) track, also known as Live Steam or ridable outdoor gauge. The popularity of this kind of large miniature trains started around 1910. Smaller gauge versions are more common but this kind of large scale (1:16) trains are quite rare.

Now this great find makes for a very classy antique grown up toy to decorate your desk with.

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