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Large 19th Century Victorian Cut and Engraved Grape Rinser or Flip Glass

Date: 19th Century
Dimensions: H 26 cm W 17 cm D 17 cm
Shipping: $ 140

Beautiful thick handblown and hand cut-glass. 
The cutting and engraving on this antique glass is done by hand with a copper wheel.

Fully decorated with grapes, grape leaves and grapevines. 
This large glass or vase is known in the Netherlands as a 'grape rinser' 

Whether this glass was to hold 'Flip' (a colonial-era mixed drink consisting of beer, rum and sugar which was heated by dunking a hot iron poker into the mixture, causing the beverage to froth or flip) or to rinse grapes in, now this glass makes a perfect eye-catching flower vase.

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