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Set of Eight Large Vintage Italian Glass Empoli 'Genie' Decanters

Date: 20th Century, c1960
PRICE: $ 3,000
Dimensions: H 67cm Diameter 18cm
Shipping: $350

Very colourful and decorative set of eight large glass 'genie bottle' decanters with different green and amber glass motifs and colours.

All bottles have their stopper and are different in color, design, shape and size (height with stopper):

Amber pressed 'net' motif shaped (height 67cm depth 13cm width 18cm)
Green blown, turned motif (height 64cm, diameter 12cm)
Green blown 'belly' (height 57, diameter 16cm)
Green blown woman with face motif (height 67cm, diameter 12cm)
Green pressed cherry motif (height 55cm, width 10cm depth 7.5cm)
Amber pressed diamond point design (height 55cm, diameter 12cm)
Green pressed sitting dog Chianti bottle (height 57cm, diameter 15cm)
Amber pressed stripe design (height 67, diameter 13cm)

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