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Early 20th Century Large Wooden Half Hull Model of a Tanker Ship
Date: early 20th Century
Dimensions: H 32 cm W 142 cm D 16,5 cm
Shipping: $300

Very decorative and carefully measured real half model of a tanker.
Marked for the shipyard to develop full size dimensions on the steel plating used to build the boat.

They were made to show the customer the form which the finished hull would become and could be altered.
The model then became a three dimensional exact scale model to use for patterning of the full size ship hull and from which measurements could be taken and shapes analysed and enlarged to make the full sized patterns for the components of the ship. 

On models for steel ships, like this one, the marks showing the sizes and shapes of the steel plates can be seen very clearly.

Half models were not made as ornaments although they were often polished and mounted for presentation to a ship's owner, or used to decorate the builder's office, when they had fulfilled their purpose. 
This half hull has two (new) sunken hooks in the back on which you can hang this model.

Originally functional in purpose, half hulls are now highly collectible as nautical reminder from a period before computerised design.

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