She only sells
what she couldn't
resist buying


Large 20th Century Dutch Wooden Hand Candlestick
Date: early 20th Century
PRICE: $ 650
Dimensions: H 34cm W 17cm D 14 cm
Shipping: $ 50

On february 12th 1929 the 16th century City Hall of Leiden, Netherlands, burnt down completely, except for the front of the building. It was freezing cold (minus 15 degrees Celsius) and it was very hard to extinguish the fire as the water froze immediately. 

Out of a burnt leftover 16th century wooden beam a resident of Leiden carved this very pretty huge cuffed hand holding a cup or a torch, which fits an 8cm (3.1 inch) thick candle.

You probably noticed I have this 'thing' with hands and again I couldn't resist buying this interesting piece with quite a bizar history.

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