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18th Century Large Carved Polychrome Dutch 'Hacfort' Heraldic Shield
Date: 18th Century
Dimensions: H 167 cm W 141 cm D 10 cm
Shipping: $ 800

Beautiful heavy blackened wood heraldry shield, displaying the Hacfort family ancestors. 

The noble Hacfort family goes back to 14th century, their castle (Hackfort Castle) is still open for visitors is in Vorden, Gelderland, the Netherlands.
This shield used to hang in the church the Hacfort clan went to and shows the family heraldry shields of related ancestors.

In the middle you see two standing 'shield holding' greyhounds. On top of the 'helmet' a sitting greyhound as crest (a crest is the part of an heraldic display, consisting of the symbol on top of the helmet). The dogs used to be painted silver, wearing gold (gilded) collars.

The heavily decorated middle shield is surrounded by the ancestor family shields of the person this shield was made for. The left side shows the paternal side: Bronchorst, Voorst, Ludde, Boshof, Huessen, Gent and Boskerken. The right side shows his mothers side; Lantscroon, Voorst, Brienen, Boshof, Boshuysen, Gent and Kapellen v d Woning. Clearly the noble parents of this Hacfort were already related.

And again, I couldn't resist buying this very decorative historic piece, wishing I had a big Castle. I can almost picture it hanging in a big hallway of a beautiful home as the perfect eye catcher.

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