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Early 20th Century 14 Karat Long Gold Watch Chain and Horse Fob

Date: c1900-1909
PRICE: $ 4,950
Dimensions: H 42cm W 3,3cm D 1,8cm
Shipping: $40

Antique 14-karat gold watch chain in fine gourmet link with Dutch oak leaf gold hallmark.

The chain measures 154 cm or 60.7 inches in length.

The clip allows it to be worn at multiple lengths; doubled 79cm or 31 inches, or quadrupled 40cm or 15.8 inches.

This chain comes with the cutest saddled horse fob with ruby eyes I ever have seen.

It is a fantastic 14-karat Dutch oak leaf hallmarked gold Victorian staggering stallion fob!

It is particularly large in scale, and has a wonderful detailed three dimensional design. The perfect craftsmanship includes detailed saddle and rein ornaments on the horse and textured detail to represent horse hair. The eyes are made of small ruby's.

The horse is atop a yellow gold platform on which detailed flowers in the meadow are visible and at the base of the fob is a large, smoothly polished jasper seal.

The fob hangs 2.6 cm or 1 inch long, is 3.3cm or 1.3 inches wide, and 1.8cm or 0.7 inches deep.


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