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Set of Art Deco Louis Icart Etchings
Date: 1922
PRICE: $ 3000
Dimensions: H 40 cm W 33,5 cm D 2 cm
Shipping: Complimentary

Lovely original Louis Icart (1880-1950) pencil etchings with hand-coloring on chine collé.
Both signed "Louis Icart" in pencil along the edge of the print. 
The dogs I would identify as a shepherd and a barzoi.
copyright 1922.

Louis Icart was born in Toulouse, France. He was particularly interested in fashion and became famous for his sketches almost immediately. He worked for major design studios at a time when fashion was undergoing a radical change-from the fussiness of the late nineteenth century to the simple, clingy lines of the early twentieth century. In Paris his etchings reached their height of brilliance in this era of Art Deco, and Icart had become the symbol of the epoch. 
Icart's portrayal of women is usually sensuous, often erotic, yet always imbued an element of humor, which is as important as the implied or direct sexuality. Their facial expressions projecting passion, dismay or surprise, for the women of Louis Icart are the women of France as we have imagined them to be.
All wrapped up into an irresistible package.

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