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Archimedes Apples to learn Fractions
Circa 1920 Manufactured by: Critas The Netherlands
Dimensions: H 5.5 cm Dm 6 cm (each)

This educational set used for schooling in Holland and its colonies is from around 1920. Although the box isn't what it’s used to be hundred years ago the apples are still in more or less mint condition. But what’s more important to me is that they look so damn gorgeous. Why didn't I get to learn about fractions with this beautiful set. It would have taken me 1/3 less time to understand it all. And the strange thing is I could have. Because this set was at my grandmother’s attic all the time. I inherited it years to late. On the lid everything is in Dutch but I will translate one sentence for you. 'Patented in all civilized countries.'Yep, it's old.

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