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Set of Two 19th Century Boxes with Mineral and Rock Collections
Date: c1880
Dimensions: H 3 cm W 21 cm D 16 cm
Shipping: Complimentary

Two fascinating little boxes containing a little mineral and rock collection. 
One 'homemade' collection with old handwritten German label. It contains 35 specimens, all collected in Germany, Karlsbad. It says Sprudelsteinsammlung von Carlsbad. 

Karlsbad, or Carlsbad, Germany has been a Health Spa town for many hunderds of years. It is historically famous for its hot springs,13 main springs, about 300 smaller springs, and a warm water river. Due to publications by physicians, the city developed into a famous spa resort in the 19th century and was visited by many members of European aristocracy and celebrities. 

The hot mineral water filled with iron parts reacts when surfaced and exposed to oxygen, over the million of years this made beautiful mineral filled rocks in different colors. Mostly brown, but also pretty yellow, blue and purple colors or little ball (pea shaped) rocks can be found. Needles to say people, spa visitors, wanted to have some of those rocks. So this box is actually an early souvenir. 

The little box is a set to test how hard minerals are and to determinate which mineral you have found. Its from der K.S Bergakademie (Mountain academy), Sachsen, Germany. The box misses two minerals: Adular (moonstone) and Demant (diamond).

This now would look great in a curiosity cabinet or Wunderkammer.

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