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Two Large Vintage African Oryx Shoulder Mounts

Date: 20th Century, c1950
PRICE: $ 5,800
Dimensions: H 142cm W 80cm D 62cm
Shipping: $2000

Very nicely mounted vintage set of South African Oryx Antelope's shoulder mounts, they are also known as Gemsbok or Oryx Gazella.

These South African gracious animals have spectacular horns and Oryx are considered by some to be the most handsome and striking antelope species. Striped like a race car and possessing two horns much like those of the mythical unicorn.
Due to this, its courage, elegance and the fact it successfully adapted to harsh conditions where scarce water and intense heat are the norm it is no wonder the Oryx was chosen as Namibia’s national animal.

Another interesting fact is that both sexes of the species have horns, although the male’s horns are marginally shorter and thicker.

Measurements left (in the picture) Oryx:
D x W x H 62cm x 70cm x 130cm or 24" x 27.6" x 51.2"
Length of the horns: 85cm or 33.5"
Measurements right (in the picture) Oryx:
D x W x H 56cm x 80cm x 142cm or 22.1" x 31.5" x 55.9"
Length of the horns: 90cm or 35.4"

This lovely set is the perfect pair to decorate your wall with.

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