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Set of Swiss Brienz Carved and Marquetry Walnut Chairs, 1900
Date: early 20th Century
Dimensions: H 96 cm W 46 cm D 39 cm
Shipping: $400

Lovely set of richly carved walnut wooden chairs.
Seats and back medaillons are decorated with chamois and capricorn inlaid marquetry wood work. Surrounding the medaillons you see superb hand carved edelweiss, gentian and floral ornaments.

One of the chairs has a tilt-seat, inside used to be a musical work. 

Over the years the marquetry lost some color, but it still looks stunning and the legs/seat/back construction is really solid too, no glue rests or other restorations.

These Brienz Black Forest chairs would look great in a hallway or as a decorative side-chair couple.

Depth and width of both chair are alike. 
Full height of the musical chair is 96cm (31.1 inch) and the seat height is 46cm(18.1 inch). 
The other chair (without the musical work) has a full height of 94cm (31 inch) and a seat height of 44.5cm (17.5 inch).

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