She only sells
what she couldn't
resist buying


Orangutan Muscle Study from Belgium
Date unknown
Dimensions: H 69 cm W 55 cm D 38 cm

There is a weird and interesting story behind this strange fellow. The story is, a Orangutan died in a Belgian Zoo. There was a lot of interest in buying the dead corps from the Zoo. Several taxidermists and others were bidding on it and rare animals can get very expensive even when they are dead. When the bidders started talking to each other a few of them found out they had interest in different parts. A taxidermist from Belgium wanted it for the skin to create a full body mount. Another taxidermist from the Netherlands only wanted the bones to create a skeleton. And the third person in this story was an artist working for museums who had an assignment to create a study object for primate muscles. They ended up buying the dead monkey together and handing it over to each other. First the skin came off and then the artist took this weird skinned body and made a cast of it. This cast was hand painted by him and handed over to the museum. And finally it is in my possession. Isn't that a great story? And its true!

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