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Mezzotint Portraits of Princess Charlotte and Prince Leopold's Marriage

Date: 19th Century
PRICE: $ 5700
Dimensions: H 42cm W 27,5cm D 7cm
Shipping: $250

A pair of antique Mezzotint Portraits in very pretty 200 year old original gilt trophy frames surmounted by crowns. 19th Century

Trophy frames include some of the most eye-catching sculptural examples of frame making and use symbols and attributes to tie the painting inside the frame to an individual, profession, trade, family, group or myth. In this case crowns on tasseled cushions for the Princess and Prince.

Usually trophy frames are designed and made, by a highly-skilled craftsman or master carver. Often the maker remains completely unknown. Not is this case. These prints are framed by Cooper's manufactory for Plate Glass, Carving and Gilding No. 43 Piccadilly London.

The portraits are of Princess Charlotte and Prince Leopold, the occasion is their wedding in 1816.

The wedding of Princess Charlotte, only daughter of the Prince Regent and his wife Caroline of Brunswick and heiress presumptive to the Crown, to Prince Leopold of Saxe-Coburg, took place on 2nd May, 1816 at Carlton House, the Prince Regent’s London Palace. The service was held in the Crimson Drawing Room, the room was transformed temporarily into a chapel for the event.

And did this royal bride and groom live happily ever after?
Sadly no. The Princess died while in labour on 6th November 1817. Her baby, a son, was still-born. Sir Richard Croft, the doctor in charge of her pregnancy, was criticised in the press and unfairly blamed for the tragedy. He committed suicide some months later.

Princess Charlotte’s death elicited a national outpouring of grief and her funeral drew massive mourning crowds, the young princess was extremely popular, and her pregnancy was closely followed by an enthusiastic public.

As a result of Princess Charlotte’s death, the future of the monarchy was at risk. This situation was not resolved until the Prince Regent’s brother, the Duke of Kent married and had a daughter, Princess Victoria in 1819, who became heir presumptive to the throne after her uncles’ claims.

These highly decorative picture trophy frames with prints are exceptional period items.

They give a sense of a time of happiness for Charlotte and Leopold in an otherwise sad life.

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