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Set of late 19th Century Austrian Terracotta Pug Dogs
Date: c1890
Dimensions: H 20 cm W 11 cm D 18 cm
Shipping: $80

I found this very cute couple of terracotta pug dogs and immediately thought of them probably looking great with my earlier find; the Henriette Ronner pug dog painting. And they do, just look at them.

Nice decorative collectors items in very realistic and naturalistically cold painted terracotta models with inset glass eyes. You can make them sit in opposing position. Both in a slightly different pose, so they are not completely mirrored. 
The right pug has slightly bigger eyes and his collar is a little more detailed, the left pug is a little bigger. Their tails and faces are different and the size and position of their little paws differ too.

All in all a great find, don't you think.

Being this old and breakable some professional restorations are obvious, please look closely at the detail pictures, professionally restored; left rear paw(left pug) left front paw and right ear(right pug)

For all inquiries and shipping quotes send me an email on: zuskorsten@gmail.com