She only sells
what she couldn't
resist buying


Bronze Cast of Rams Head with Beautiful Patina
Circa 1900
Dimensions: H 15 cm W 18 cm D 21 cm

On an antique fair somewhere in the southern parts of Holland a not so beautiful old lady was sitting behind this very nice rams head. It immediately got my attention but this women was distracting me with other stuff she wanted to sell. Mostly church stuff from centuries ago. I told her I was not interested but wanted to know the price of this nicely aged animal object. She asked way too much like people from the south of Holland usually do and it was only when I walked away from it when she finally agreed to something more close to what I was willing to pay.
She even put in a strong bag because it’s not only pretty but quite heavy too. To be honest I'm not sure what it is. She told me it was the head of a battering ram. But people tell lots of things. On the other hand I couldn't come up with anything else that fits.

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