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Pair of Early 20th Century Wood and Leather Clogs or Sabots Bois

Date: early 20th Century
PRICE: $ 1,250
Dimensions: H 18cm W 12cm D 30cm
Shipping: $80

What a wonderful find these authentic and rare early 20th century antique French boot clogs or so called sabots bois.

Hand carved solid wood, black leather uppers, buckle clasps with handmade metal 'horse shoe like' irons.

Traditional clogs were worn during heavy outside labour, because of the rough, wet and stony roads into the sabots irons were nailed on to the wooden soles.

These are so old and it is a real unusual find, they should actually belong in a museum and they even still contain old dried out straw and leaves used as a soft lining in the hard solid shoe.

Great collector’s items.


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