She only sells
what she couldn't
resist buying


Sicilian Wrought Iron Wedding Cart Ornament
Late 17th century - Early 18th century

I practically snitched this piece of metal from my mother. As a young girl I loved this little ornament. All my jewelry hung from the wrought iron heads. When I finally left the house this was the first thing I brought with me. Years later after graduation from Art School my mother asked me about this ornament. At the time I did not know what it was but she said it was part of a Sicilian Wedding Chariot. Also known as 'Donkey Cart'. Immediately after that she asked why I still failed to marry anyone. Good point. But as I had no intention in doing so I decided to finally let this Wedding Ornament go. Especially for all the girls who still have this ambition. The upside for me is that I have a perfect excuse to wear my jewelry every day, all at once.

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