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Five 19th Century Glass Bath Hand Shaped Soap Bottles
Date: c1880
Dimensions: H 36cm Diameter 10cm
Shipping: $60

Set of five beautiful bath soap, foam or beauty oil bottles.
The hand shaped bottles have beautiful details like cuffed and buttoned sleeves from which the hands appear, holding an elegant shaped bottle.
The claw is more of a styled claw, with an abstract 'claw' design, nails and an empty smooth space on the bottom rim where probably a label used to be.

All bottles are blown by hand as they clearly show irregular thickness of glass, little air bubbles and they all have a pontil. On all five bottles you see 'seams', this is because from mid-19th century glass technology had progressed enough to allow manufactures to make use of molds. This simplified the process of bottle making, instead of making each part by hand, the mold allowed a worker to simply insert a hollow pipe with a glob of molten glass into the mold and literally inject the glass against the mold.
The seams are up to the neck of the bottles but not completely to the top, this places them in 1880-1900 period of time.

Three of them are smaller and are alike; a frosted glass hand holding a clear bottle.
One of them is a bigger hand holding a bottle, this bottle has no frosted parts.
And one of them is a birds claw holding an egg shaped flask, also with no frosted parts.

The height of the three smaller bottles is 32 cm (12.5 inch) with stopper and 29 cm (11.4 inch) without, one bottle misses its stopper.
The bigger hand and claw bottle are 36 cm high (14.11 inch). This set would be great to add to a bottle collection or to complete the decoration in a Victorian bathroom or boudoir.

Note: One small bottle misses its glass stopper, the bigger ones probably used to have cork stoppers.

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