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Set of Miner's Candlesticks
Date: 18-19th Century
PRICE: $ 700
Dimensions: H 7 cm W 31 cm D 10 cm
Shipping: Complimentary

This mini collection of Miner's candlesticks consists of two different types from different eras.
The wrought iron one is known as a 'Sticking Tommy'. They could be hammered into a piece of timber or a rock wall inside the mines. This one is from the 1870's. The left one is an earlier example with the same purpose. Less elegant but quite a bit older.
We do not have an exact date for it but taking into account the way it is manufactured it is probably late 18th century.
Dimensions: H 7 cm W 26 cm D 7.5 cm
Wrought Iron 'Sticking Tommy': H 4 cm W 31 cm D 10 cm Miner's candlestick.

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