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Han Dynasty Pottery 'Stickman'
Date: 2100 years old according to TL report
PRICE: $ 4,000
Dimensions: H 60 cm W 15 cm D 15 cm

We all know the terra cotta warriors of Qin. Stickmen are similar but smaller than actual size. Like the warriors they’re also found in large numbers in the emperor’s tomb. Not as an afterlife army but more as an afterlife staff. These stickmen are found as dancers, singers and servants. Both male and female. Originally they had wooden arms and real fancy clothes. But these are long gone. The naked and armless pottery figures are vivid and lifelike and are claimed to be the ‘Oriental Apollo and Venus. So much for the research info. Don’t you just love them?! They are so decorative that I also would’ve bought one of the many fakes if I saw one. But this one is actually very real. It is about 2100 years old and it comes with a thermal report to prove it.  A unique chance to own one.

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