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Traditional Sicilian Palermo 'Opera Dei Puppi' String Puppets
Date: late 19th Century
Dimensions: H 71 cm W 20 cm D 10 cm
Shipping: $ 80

Set of armoured wire string puppets. You will also find these puppets in the famous theatre and museum: "Il Museo internazionale delle marionette" at Sicillie, Palermo, some of them even almost life sized. I recommend visiting one of the puppet shows in this delightful little old theatre at the museum when you visit Sicilie. 

Here you see a knight in full armour holding a sword and a shield.
And a Prince (or a knight with some kind of crown) also holding a sword and a shield. The prince actually looks slightly older.

The detail in the full armoured knight is beautiful, his helmet, leg and body shields are impressively decorated and are made of brass. He has 'real' flax hair and a beautiful red felt cloth under his armour. 
The Prince, or knight with crown, is more sober looking and has a less detailed decorated armour, but a crown and his armour and crown are made of copper. Unfortunately he misses a hand, but this is not visible behind his shield. 
Their bodies are made of wood.

Their arms and heads are connected with an iron wire, or three wires actually, which made it possible for the puppeteer to make them battle or walk. Now this wire is perfect for displaying them on a nice spot, they deserve that after all this sword fighting over princesses. 

These brave men are not that big. 
Total height smallest puppet: 61 cm (including wire) the actual puppet is 47cm high. Wide with arms spread: 48 cm. 
Total height biggest puppet: 71cm (including wire) the actual puppet is 53 cm. 
Wide with arms spread: 54 cm.

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