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Unique Tête à Tête Museum Display Cabinet Made for Mata Hari Exhibit
Date: 1996
Dimensions: H 110 cm W 155 cm D 100 cm
Shipping: On Request

This display cabinet was custom-made for an exhibit about the famous exotic dancer and spy Mata Hari. It was used to safely show a valuable artifacts connected to Mata Hari. In this cabinet they showed the centrepiece of the exhibition. Her bra. The Frisian Museum dedicated a special room to her and had this and two long cabinets made by Dutch artists.

The yellow velvet lining on the outside and pale blue velvet lining on the inside combined with the elegant female legs make for a stunning piece to showcase valuable items. The cabinets are made from cherry wood.

Inside measurements: H 30-10 cm (sloped) W 67 cm D 50 cm.

Absolutely thrilled when I came across this. Be sure to check out the other display cabinets that were also part of the exhibition.

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