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19th Century English Victorian Papier Mâché Tilt-Top Table
Date: 19th Century
PRICE: $2500
Dimensions: H 72 cm W 70cm D 59cm
Shipping: $ 400

English papier mâché oval table with beautiful shimmering mother of pearl shell inlay.
Decorated with hand painted flowers and gold paint decorations, like a lot of these kind of tables it has a tilt-table top.

Back in Victorian times they loved to experiment with new materials and one of their favourites was papier mache. The color of the objects nearly always is characteristically black. The process of making of papier mache items, involved many hours of work. Very large sheets of black paper were pasted on both sides and firmly pressed over greased moulds, after having been dipped in large shallow vats of tar spirit and linseed oil.
Some articles had as many as 100 layers of paper by the time they were finished. Most pieces then were decorated with flowers, birds and patterns, frequently embellished in gold. Some of the finer pieces were inlaid with mother of pearl, like this table. Once thoroughly dry, the item was saturated in linseed oil and baked in a very hot oven for many hours to make it hard and water-resistant.

This table is 72cm (28,4in) high in 'table' position, but tilted it is 110cm (43,3in) high.

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