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Set of five early 20th Century German Stein Beer or Weißbier Bottles
Date: c1900
Dimensions: H 33 cm W 9,5 cm D 9,5 cm
Shipping: $80

Back in the old days in Germany when you ordered Beer in a bar (Kneipe or Wirtshaus), you got it tapped directly in a clay or earthenware bottle. On the bottle was the name of the Innkeeper (Gastwirt) so you would know to which bar you had to return your bottle to.
This clay or Stein bottles protected the beer from light and even made sure the beer in the bottle stayed a constant cool temperature for quite a while. 
The swing stopper closure, was invented in Germany and perfected around 1875 to keep the carbon acid and of course the fluid in the bottle. 
Later on this way of preservation was further perfected by adding rubber rings, like these bottle have. 

I found this wonderful antique bottles in Postdam, Germany.
All five of these bottles are from Eastern Germany, from the area around Berlin to be exact. One of them says Dresden, One of them is stamped with A. Töpfer Crinitz. 

Three of them are hand painted with the 'Gastwirts' name, Julius Loh., J.Loh. and W.Horney. One is stamped: Edm. Queck Dresden N. And one has nothing on it, this last bottle also looks different with two flat sides, maybe to lay it for storage.

The biggest bottle measures 33cm (12,3inch) high and 9,5cm(3,1inch) in diameter. The smallest bottle measures 26cm(10,2inch) high and 7cm(2,1inch) in diameter.

Similar bottles can be found in the Museum 'Museumshaus Im Güldenen Arm' in Postdam

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