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Whalers Light
Date: Unknown
Dimensions: (Big one) H 20 cm W 20 cm D 20 cm (Smaller one) H 14 cm W 14 cm D 14 cm

My father used to have a great friend who was a real whaler. As a kid I always was around when he would visit us when he was on land. Many times he brought scrimshaws sperm whale teeth that he tried to sell. He once gave me a small engraved slice of tooth that I wore on my necklace. I still regret it got lost one way or the other. Nowadays whalers have an image of a banker so I can’t ask for a new one. Besides that he is dead. Anyway. These marvelous antique lights I found are lights used by whalers very long ago. They used to fill the little bowl in the center with real whale fat and with a wick they got it burning. The light was held by loose rings which made it cardanic. For me this is a very cool looking set of masculine antiques. But I could be biased.

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