She only sells
what she couldn't
resist buying




As a graduated Art & Design student and lifetime collector, she wanders around throughout all of Europe and beyond to find the most rare, adorable, collectable and decorative stuff. She is everywhere. Therefor artists Darwin, Sinke & van Tongeren also asked her to find and collect the finest pieces of European antiques for them to use in their mind-blowing Taxidermy Art Pieces. Besides them she also works for a range of interior decorators and designers. She offers them the eye-catchers they need or she goes out on a mission to find that one specific item. 

As a qualified conservator she and her team do all the necessary restoration

On ZusKorsten.com you'll find all the treasures she collected which haven't been bought straight away by a wide range of international clients. You're welcome to love and buy them. You can also tell her if you're looking for something specific.

If it's out there. She will find it for you.