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Jugendstil Agate Bacchante High Relief Cameo Brooch or Pendant
Date: early 20th Century
Dimensions: H 2cm Diameter 2,7cm
Shipping: Complimentary

Couldn't believe my luck when I found this rare frontal face high relief agate cameo.

It is carved out of a two tone coloured piece of agate, only her face and hair are red, the rest is transparent. Usually cameos are oval, but this one is round. 

It has a beautiful antique pin click system to wear it as a brooch but the 'eye' makes it possible to also wear it as a pendant.

It depicts an antique Jugendstil high raised ladies head of Bacchante (a priestess or female votary of Bacchus from Greek & Roman Mythology) with grape vines and grapes in her hair.

It is marked twice with the three pointed Dutch oak leaf gold hallmark (on the pin and on the click closure) on the pin it shows a markers mark: JR4.

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