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19th Century Austrian Seated Ceramic Bulldog with Red Collar and Glass Eyes

Date: 19th Century
PRICE: $ 5950
Dimensions: H 22cm W 13cm D 12cm
Shipping: Complimentary

I found this very lovely Austrian cold painted terracotta model of a 'French Bulldog' in seated position with little red collar adorned with gold painted studs and ring, from late 19th century and immediately thought of it probably looking great with my earlier find; the Henriette Ronner dog painting. And it does!

Or for that matter, with the 18th century oak cartouche shaped box, as the perfect base for this little fellow.

Nice decorative collectors item in very realistic and naturalistically cold painted terracotta with inset glass eyes.

Various scuffing consistent with age, little chip of both ear tips

A very cute find, don't you think.

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