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17-Piece Sterling Silver English Padlocked Charm Bracelet
Date: 1950s
PRICE: $ 1440
Dimensions: H 5,5 cm W 20 cm D 2 cm
Shipping: Complimentary

This 1950s bracelet has 17 large charms most of which are three-dimensional. Some of them have moving parts. Three of them are really old solid silver pendants. The acorn, the long pendant and the beer mug. Six of them where part of a circa 1900, Brazilian Penca de Belangandan pin.

1. Penca de Belangandan grape bunch.
2. Penca de Belangandan 'good luck' Fist.
3. Penca de Belangandan bowl.
4. Don Quichot on a horse fighting a moving windmill.
5. Tower.
6. Heavily decorated German beer mug with opening lid.
7. Ship, three-masted schooner, which opens up.
8. Penca de Belangandan orange.
9. Broken shoe.
10. Large antique pendant.
11. Bellows.
12. Treasure chest, it opens and shows the treasure.
13. Penca de Belangandan corn.
14. Troubadour.
15. Penca de Belangandan balabas shaped pot.
16. Antique acorn.
17. Stork scissors.

Length of the bracelet is 20 cm (7.9 inch) without the hart shaped padlock and safety chain.
Comes with a black velvet underlayment to display it on.

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