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Mid-Century Terracotta Blackamoor Nubian Planter, Vase or Cachepot

Date: 20th Century
PRICE: $ 1150
Dimensions: H 30cm W 25cm D 23cm
Shipping: $100

Very pretty vintage 1940's unusual slightly squint-eyed terracotta Moor's head plant pot or vase.
The origin of the Sicilian 'head' cachepots is a little macaber, but amusing:

The History of the beautiful Sicilian girl and the legend of the Moor's head.

It is said that in Palermo, around the year 1100 (the period of the domination of the Moors in Sicily), a beautiful young girl lived who loved to take care of flowers and plants on her balcony.

One day, a young Moor saw the beautiful girl and fell in love with her, he decided to want her for himself, he entered the girl's house and declared her his love. The girl, struck by so much sentiment, returned the love of the young man. But after a while she learned that he would leave her to return to his country, where a wife and children awaited him. She waited for darkness and as soon as he was a sleep, she cut off his head. She made a vase out of his head, planted some basil in it and put it on display outside on the balcony.

The Moor, thus, unable to go away, would have always have to stay with her. Meanwhile, the basil grew luxuriously and aroused the envy of all the inhabitants of the neighbourhood who, in order not to be outdone, ordered terracotta pots in the shape of a dark brown head at the potter's.

Looks amazing on our Art-Nouveau cast brass plant stand, also for sale.
And not only Basil looks good in this head as you can see.

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