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1925 Silver Austrian Charivari or Watch Chain with Hunting and Silver Charm Fobs
Date: early 20th Century
PRICE: $ 1450
Dimensions: H 19 cm W 14 cm D 0,2 cm
Shipping: Complimentary

Lovely piece of historic Austrian folkloristic jewelry, a real collectors item this is.
A charivari is a piece of traditional Bavarian costume jewellery, this one is made of solid silver.

Bavarian men wear the charivari on the belt of their Lederhosen. 
Women have their own charivaris as well, usually worn as an apron tie or bodice closure. 

This piece is quite heavy and sturdy. The size of its shakles and the chain lenght tells me this actually is a mens charivari.
It traditionally served as jewellry or as a talisman for a successful hunt. The charivari originated from a watch chain, which was attached to the buttonhole of the costume shirt and was hung with various hunting trophies. It could not be bought, was carefully preserved and was passed down in a single family through the generations. 

This one is adorned with rare trinkets;
a 1912 coin of the Austrian-Hungarian Emperor
a silver male Dachshund charm
a set of deer teeth in silver (aka Grandel or Gradln)
a silver stagering horse fob
a in silver cast little upper and lower jaw with teeth of a weasel

The chain and the charms are marked 835 and 800, officially this would not be sterling silver (as it is 835/1000 or 800/1000 instead of common nowadays 925/1000 silver) but late 19th-early 20th century this was a common alloy for European antique silver objects and jewelry.

On the chain there is a clear 'Toucan' Hallmark showing next to a '800' stamp, this is an Austrian local silvermark of 1925

I found a perfect matching piece of silver jasseron chain to go with it so it is possible to wear it as a statement necklace.

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