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1910-1919 Bakelite Expedition Burroughs Wellcome & Co London Medicine Bottles

Date: early 20h Century
PRICE: $ 2,600
Dimensions: H 11,5cm W 3,7cm D 3,7cm
Shipping: $100

Fourteen black Bakelite Burroughs Wellcome & Co of London medicine bottles.
Medicine bottles like these where used on the British Terra Nova Antarctic Expeditions 1910-1913 and by Walter Wellman for a Transatlantic balloon flight in 1910.
Address on the bottles: Snow Hill Buildings, London, E.C.
The bottles are made of bakelite instead of glass, because bakelite is more likely to stay in one piece in extreme situations.
On most of the bottles there is a direction how to use the compressed pills or powders.

Tekst labels with directions:

Potassium bicarbonate (empty)
Crete Aromat Copio Poison (empty)
Quinine Bisulphate (empty)
Ipecacuanha (empty)
Sodium Salicylate (empty)
Sodium Bicarbonate (empty)

Zinc Sulphate Poison (empty)

Tekst on the bottles with round label army medical stores woolwich:
Potassium Permang Gr V (empty)
Cubebs Co (medicine grit inside)
Cascara Gr 2 (empty)
Alum GR X (pills inside)
Borax Gr V (empty)
Ipecac&Squill (empty)

This now would look great in a an antique medicine cabinet or in a curiosity cabinet.


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